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We have successfully partnered with non-profit organizations across the nation to help raise much needed funds. Small, local charities as well as nationwide organizations can benefit by partnering with The VIP Card. There is no out-of pocket expense or up-front fees. We stand behind our product and we deliver value to your supporters. We want to be the company you choose when you think of fund raising. In tough times like these, what better way to gain funds than by offering your supporters something that benefits them? People love to save money. So why not let them save money while helping you raise money? Your organization benefits from the moment you sell your first card, consumers benefit by saving money and local businesses benefit from increased traffic and revenues. Our model is truly a win, win, win that starts with you!

To start fundraising please click here. You can also request a free fundraising kit by clicking here or calling one of our representatives at 1-877-727-1010. Find out what risk free fund raising is all about.