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The VIP Card Inc, has been in the making for over 5 years now and it is important that we explain what VIP is all about and why we do what we do. The VIP Card creates a win/win/win for everyone involved. On average, our members will save over $250 per year with discounts at Disneyland, Disney World, Universal Studios, Regal Entertainment, Six Flags, SeaWorld, Knott's Berry Farm, over 7,000 golf courses and at over 61,000 pharmacies. This is a savings of over 12 times the cost of the membership. We also raise money for nonprofits such as the Make-A-Wish foundation, American Cancer Society, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) and many others.

The VIP Card makes a difference. We drive an enormous amount of traffic into merchants. We create revenue with flexible hours so moms or dads can still be moms and dads, and college students can still be college students. The VIP Card has raised well over 1 million dollars for schools and nonprofit organizations and we have granted numerous wishes for children with life threatening illnesses. The VIP Card helps those who could not otherwise afford medical assistance to be able to get the treatment they need. We save consumers over $100,000 per month on prescriptions for the uninsured and under insured!

Thank you for being a member. It means something bigger than just the savings you will receive and thank you in advance for helping us make a difference in years to come on our journey to raise a billion dollars for those who need it.

May God bless you and may we all remember it is more important to deposit into people’s lives than it is to take withdrawals! CLee