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Whatever goals and objectives your school has, we have a school fundraising program that will work for you. We work with elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, colleges and even alumni. Whether you are looking at raising funds for your school or putting together a loyalty program, we can help. We have customized solutions to meet your needs.

Please see how we can help your organization:

The VIP Card Fundraising

This product can be used for any grade level. With over 70,000 merchants nationwide this product appeals to EVERYONE. There is no risk and no up-front cost, just the potential to raise money for your school.

Loyalty Solutions for Alumni

Our loyalty program is great for colleges, alumni and boosters. This program is tailored to give back to those you value most and show them how important they are to the future of your school.

E-Blast Program

With our custom e-blast program you can start earning money right away. With a couple clicks you can share the opportunity to purchase a VIP Card with your entire e-mail contact list and don't forget your friends on Facebook as well. Social networking is the future of fundraising and you can use it to earn revenue NOW with The VIP Card.